Your Acoustical Body - free intro zoom call - Czech, Prague, Čtvrtek, 01. Listopad 2018


Let's start a great adventure and discover the magic you can create with your acoustic body!

Topics & clearings for Beings choosing this class

Join us to learn more about

- Fundamentals - Demand and Receipt, Contribution and Unity

- What else is possible? The space of infinite possibilities

- The acoustic wave and a different reality

- How to create a different possibility with the acoustic wave in other areas of your life (money,

business, body, relationships ...)

- Chaos vs. order

- The wave vs. the particle

- Miraculous healing

- Free will

- The symphony of the spheres

- Awareness and knowledge

- The will to progress to and as an infinite being

- The acoustic wave: the matrix of the infinite Being

- Live indefinitely

- Are you ready to go beyond the Impossible?

Čtvrtek, 01. Listopad 2018, Prague, Your Acoustical Body - free intro zoom call - Czech

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