❗TOP❗ Mastering Amazon Web Services (Prague), Prague, Czech Republic, Čtvrtek, 20. Prosinec 2018

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's leading provider of reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. The goal of this intensive, practical 2-day training is to familiarise you with the core AWS services and equip you with enough knowledge so you can choose, create, configure and maintain AWS infrastructure for your own projects. Want to gain deep understanding of AWS? Learn how to operate production-grade AWS infrastructure? Discover hidden tips and tricks from a certified AWS expert?Then this course is for The workshop includes a lot of practical Lab work✅ The workshop is updated to support the latest Amazon Web Services offerings✅ The workshop is led by Amazon Certified Solutions Architect✅ This workhsop offers many best practices that you can apply at work immediatelyCoverage✅ Introduction to AWS ideology, basic terminology and pricing✅ Managing your account on AWS (shared security model, 2-factor authentication, IAM users, roles, groups and policies)✅ Amazon EC2 (understanding instance types, pricing and lifecycle, storage options, AMIs)✅ Configurating Amazon for High Availability and Fault Tolerance (regions and availability zones)✅ Serverless architecture with Amazon Lambda and API Gateway✅ Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch✅ Networking (Route53, Elastic Network Interfaces, Elastic IP, Elastic Load Balancer, Security Groups, VPC, pricing and limitations)✅ Amazon EBS (use cases, limitations, snapshotting, resizing, warmup and tagging)✅ Amazon RDS (database engines, snapshotting, multi-az vs. single az., read- replicas, migrating data to and from RDS)✅ Amazon S3 (architecture, limitations, naming best practices, hosting static content, access policies, retention policies, reduced redundancy, infrequent access).✅ Amazon Glacier (data archiving, backups, integration with S3, best practices)✅ Amazon CloudFront (introduction to content-delivery networks, object expiration, monitoring, signed content, access logs, SSL certificates, integration with S3)✅ ... and much more!AudienceDevelopers, architects, sys ops and system administrators willing to get up to speed with Amazon Web 2 days of intensive work, you earn a certificate of accomplishment. No exam course is taught in Juris Pavlyuchenkov is an experienced infrastructure architect with background in large-scale cloud infrastructure design and administration, network administration, information security and cryptography. Juris is a Certified Amazon Solutions Architect with a plenty of hands-on experience. For years, Juri has been leading a DevOps team that runs infrastructure for Ask.fm – world's biggest Q&A network with millions of active users. While working as a consultant, Juri has helped many small and large companies to move to AWS and significantly reduce infrastructure complexity and , Juris works as a SysOps Manager in an international startup incubator and sharing his knowledge by running AWS workshops all over the information and tickets is available here.

Čtvrtek, 20. Prosinec 2018, Prague, Czech Republic, ❗TOP❗ Mastering Amazon Web Services (Prague)

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