The Chemical Brothers LIVE at Metronome Festival, Prague, CZ, Česká republika, Sobota, 23. Červen 2018

The Chemical Brothers will return to Prague 11 long years after their only previous concert in August 2007 in the sports arena at the Exhibition Grounds.

Metronome Festival Prague 2018
Prague Exhibition Grounds, 22 – 23 June 2018
Metronome Festival Prague is an international music festival that takes place every year at the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Prague since 2015. It offers performances of the most interesting international stars combined with the best of the Czech music scene. Apart from high-quality music and top-notch sound, the festival offers an atmospheric amphitheatre, covered stages, high-quality food without queues, working high-speed Wi-Fi, and plenty of seating.

Ages: under 15 accompanied by an *****
Set times to be confirmed.

Event Website:
Ticket Phone Number: +420 220 951 432

In the lead up to Christmas, visitors can also buy tickets in special packages for themselves or as gifts for loved ones at the official website or through Ticketpro.

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Sobota, 23. Červen 2018, Česká republika, The Chemical Brothers LIVE at Metronome Festival, Prague, CZ

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