Test Automation using Robot Framework, tesena, Pátek, 06. Prosinec 2019

Course goals
This course is an introduction to automated testing and is suitable for beginners. It is held in Czech. Should you be interested in an advanced level, please see this course.

What is automated testing and when should it be used?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Is automatic testing suitable for your project?

Test automation has been with us for more than 30 years. However, in the last few years there has been quite a rapid development in this area. Test automation has finally become a full part of today’s testing discipline. Within this one-day course we will explain to you basic principles of test automation, why we need it, and it’s pros and cons in order to help you decide when and how to introduce it on your project.
In the second, practical part of the training, we will show you how to write and execute automated tests using Robot Framework without needing to know anything about programming. We will focus on the Selenium2Library, which allows us to test both web sites and web applications, how to identify page elements using xpath and how to interact with them. We will also show you also some other aspects of tool. For example, we will look at automatically generated reports and logs and how to use them to eliminate errors in our scripts, the use of variables and their priorities will be discussed as well. During the training you will perform a number of interactive exercises so you can gain real hands-on experience.
The Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or Java, and users can create new higher-level keywords from existing ones using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases.
Required equipment: A laptop

Pátek, 06. Prosinec 2019, tesena, Test Automation using Robot Framework

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