Story Party Prague | True Dating Stories, PROSTOR ZEMĚ, Čtvrtek, 09. Květen 2019

At Story Party you will hear true dating stories that will make you feel better because it could be worse. Story Party has toured over 50 countries because the dating struggle is real, worldwide. You'll hear stories about ghosting, unwanted pictures, splitting the bill, cat-fishing, heart-break, and "I can't believe these are true stories" from our professional storytellers.The award winning Story Party Tour has played to sold out audiences all over the world. We are in town for a short time only so grab your tickets now. You’ve had enough coffee dates to master the art of fake laughing. Now come to our show and laugh for real! — — — Wanna share your story? — — — If you're dying to share your story, write it down on our casual confessions slips on the night, anonymously. We will read them out loud so you don't have to. Or you can submit your #WorstDateStory anonymously before the event @  if it makes us giggle we'll read it at the show, put it on our instagram and it could even make it into the next volume of our book - 50 true dating stories that will make you feel better because you realise it could be worse!Need some inspiration? Check out our Instagram:  — — Frequently asked questions — — — Q. What is Story Party? A. Professional storytellers share their true dating stories. Q. Is this a singles event?A. No.Q. Do I have to share a story?A. No.Q. Can I come if I'm in a relationship?A. Yes.Q. Is the show in english?A. Yes.Q. Should I invite my date?A. Invite them all. Dating is a numbers game. #RealTalk— — — What are people saying about Story Party? — — — "The funniest thing I've heard in months

Čtvrtek, 09. Květen 2019, PROSTOR ZEMĚ, Story Party Prague | True Dating Stories

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