Rebooting the Web of Trust IX - 2019B - Prague, Paralelní Polis, Úterý, 03. Září 2019

Our ninth Rebooting the Web of Trust (#RWOT) design workshop on decentralized identity technologies will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 3-6, 2019.
NOTE: Please join us for two auxiliary events. Plan your travel accordingly.

Local Meetup on Monday evening, the 2nd of September. A chance to meet the local decentralized identity community.
Dinner on Friday the 6th. We have something special planned for all registered attendees.

In addition, there are plans for a Vienna meetup on decentralized identity on September 1, with many of the participants sharing the 4 hour train ride to Prague the morning of the 2nd. More details soon.
Check out  RWOT discussion threads

Over the last four and a half years, Rebooting the Web of Trust has published over forty-five collaborative white papers, technical specs, and code repos. The focus of all of our events is on decentralized identity, including technical models, reputation systems, smart contracts and more. We've had high-level users tell us about practical use cases and applications, and we've had engineers create technical specifications and code.
Some members of our community have leveraged this work and turned it into projects that have received VC funding, while others have brought in over $1M in Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants from the US Government, plus multiple follow-on contracts. Technology specifications incubated at our events are also moving toward acceptance in W3C and IETF as international standards, while other companies have contributed code to Hyperledger, to Ethereum, and to multiple open source repositories. Others have integrated RWOT work into proprietary identity platforms.
The terminology of “Self-Sovereign Identity” created at our design workshops is now being used broadly as the future of identity by many identity organizations worldwide. The current draft specification for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) in the W3C Credentials Community Group  heavily on the work at our workshops (as well as at IIW and the CCG itself).

"FinTech applications, regardless of whether they are centralized or decentralized, are putting new demands on WoT and identity by virtue of creating highly profitable targets for attackers. Resisting these attacks requires ecosystem wide code signing." — Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core Contributor

This English-language, four-day facilitated event will use the same basic format as the previous successful Rebooting the Web of Trust design workshops in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Boston, Santa Barbara,  Toronto, and Barcelona. We work together to produce white papers and specifications to influence the future of decentralized identity by establishing and promoting new identity technologies. Full documentation of the prior events is available in the Web-of-Trust GitHub repository — including photos, drafts, graphic output, and previous White Papers.
The design workshop is intended for developers, cryptographers, researchers, user-experience designers, and policy experts who are actively involved in building a next-generation web of trust. We also welcome participants with demonstrable needs for decentralized technologies, to ensure the diversity of the event.

"I was really thrilled with this design workshop. The participants I met there are brilliant, I got a good long peek into the future, and this collection of thought leaders is definitely designing the next big thing at warp speed. Also, the event provided an ideal sounding board for my ideas, allowing our team to refine them substantially. This is the place to be, if you seek to become a thought leader in this next quantum leap toward the decentralized digital future." — Moses Ma, FutureLab

This event we are experimenting with a 4 day schedule with the same focused time at the 3 day version, but with additional, scheduled yet unstructructured time to enjoy the beautiful city of Prague.
The goal of Rebooting the Web of Trust is to:

Collaboratively create at least five technical papers or specifications on topics that will have the greatest impact on the future.
Showcase the scope of use cases and requirements for decentralized identity.
Explore tools that could be useful to developers, researchers, and funders.
Discuss and suggest approaches to the adoption of these technologies.

A substantial discount is offered to participants who write one-or-two-page advance reading topic papers (or to alumni who update a previously submitted advance reading) to share with other participants. These topic papers can include:

A specific problem related to identity or trust.
A discussion of why current solutions such as PGP or CA-based PKI can not address the problem.
A specific solution using decentralized identity or a web of trust.
Specific questions not addressed by current solutions.

Examples of advance readings from previous workshops are available in our Github repos. They are due by February 8th to allow other participants to read them before the event.  Please upload your papers directly to the RWOT9 Prague repo via pull request. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The term "Web of Trust" dates back twenty-five years to PGP, where the "Web" referred to a distributed network of systems and the "Trust" was limited to the validation of keys. It revealed the need for decentralization and recognition on the internet.
Today, those needs remain, but the Web of Trust has grown larger, encompassing the creation, authentication, and verification of self-sovereign identities as well as privacy protection, reputation assessment, smart contracting, and more. The blockchain has come to be one of the most interesting and new tools for these tasks.

"The web-of-trust that began in Pretty Good Privacy was more than 'pretty good' in 1991 and even in 2001. However, as we approach the 25th anniversary of PGP, it is time to take the lessons we've learned and the new cryptographic technologies we've created to take a fresh look at the problem. I'm looking forward to collaborating to create a new foundation for next 25 years of the web-of-trust." — Jon Callas, former CTO of PGP

Rebooting the Web of Trust is a global collaboration influencing the future of these technologies.

If you joined as a member at the last event, a discount is available for RWOT9. Contact Joe Andrieu joe@ additional details. 

NOTE: All prices in $USD. Eventbrite will handle currency conversion.

Early Bird Pricing
Purchased by July 19th (sales end at 8AM GMT+2 2019-07-20)
$1398 Regular participant$898 Independent/Startup participant*$398 Regular participant with paper submission$298 Independent/Startup participants with paper submission

Advanced Purchase Pricing
Purchased by August 16th (sales end at 8AM GMT+2 2019-08-17)
$1598 Regular participant
$998 Independent/Startup participant*$498 Regular participant with paper submission$348 Independent/Startup participant* with paper submission$25 Student (or recent student) with paper submission and proof of enrollment or graduation

On-site Pricing
Purchased after August 16th
$1798 Regular participant$1198 Independent/Startup participant*$698 Regular participant with paper submission$398 Independent/Startup participant* with paper submission$50 Student (or recent student) wtih paper submission and proof of enrollment or recent graduation

We offer travel scholarships and discounts for select attendees bringing diverse perspectives to the event.
Papers are due no later than August 16 and MUST be submitted to the Github repo prior to receiving a discount code. If special circumstances delay your submission, contact us. We are flexible; however, getting your papers in early is a kindness that your fellow attendees will appreciate.
Interested students should submit a paper and provide proof of enrollment or recent graduation when contacting us for a discount code.
* Startup pricing is for small firms just getting started, generally fewer than 25 people and less than $5 million in equity raised. Contact us if you have any questions.
Every workshop we consider a limited number of sponsors interested in supporting the work. Contact us for more information.

Úterý, 03. Září 2019, Paralelní Polis, Rebooting the Web of Trust IX - 2019B - Prague

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