Practical Agile, Prague, Pondělí, 30. Září 2019

We will focus on hands-on experience with agile development, and we will try using Scrum in the simulation.

What will you learn? We will look at agile development, especially in software delivery. We will explain frequently used terms and what they truly mean. We will discuss ways in which to implement agile on teams, in companies, and with deliveries for clients. We will also explore how to scale agile for large companies and projects. The training includes a workshop where we try agile (Scrum) firsthand and better learn the principles of agile development. Although we will talk mostly about software development, the training doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and it is suitable for business people as well.
Course contents

Agile basics and its usage
Agile Software Development Lifecycle
Roles, artifacts, ceremonies
Scrum model in details
Workshop Lego@scrum

Pondělí, 30. Září 2019, Prague, Practical Agile

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