ngParty - Regular meetup XXV, Livesport s.r.o. Aspira Business Centre, Středa, 29. Květen 2019

Hey folks! It's time for another #Prague #JavaScript community gathering!
Come join us in our inclusive meetup with familiar atmosphere :) No hiring, just friends and open source community at it's best ;) We will meet again at wonderful Livesport office. See you soon!
Event overview:
Doors: 18:30
Talks starts: 19:00
Talks end: 21:00

Meetup Announcements & TL;DR
by ngParty team @ngPartyCz ()

MetaUI: The Rule driven UI
by Frantisek Kolar @frankkolarcz ()
About Frank:
Frank Kolar is a UI Strategy Advocate with Ariba Inc. where he drives UI innovation, evangelizes new technologies and explore different ways how applications can be built with today's tools and platforms. Mainly he is father and husband.
Talk abstract:
Most of the Web / mobile applications today written in traditional web framework is just mechanically assembled code with duplicates, rooted in the domain model which leads to more code and higher maintenance cost.
To improve this, MetaUI offers different ways how web application can be built today (declaratively) in order to render dynamically whole User Interface on the fly without templates rather than letting you layout your fields or components manually for every single use case over and over again.

Social engineering and hacking with 70% success rate
by Lukas Hurych @twistocz
About Lukas:
I'm a product/marketing guy with development background (Python is my biggest love but I went through Ruby, PHP, Swift, Javascript, Java).
Study of psychology gave me great knowledge for marketing but the combination with Python is a killer for phishing, writing malware, hacking and all the fun stuff. I'm doing all this just as a hobby trying to test and protect our company and our team.
Talk abstract:
In the course of the last few years I launched a lot of different attacks in our company (80+ teammates) and with some of them, I had a success rate of 70%. From getting people’s Facebook accounts or access to their LastPass accounts to custom written malware.
The threat that anyone can steal your customer data is a potential killer of any (financial) company. Being suspicious and aware of all potential phishing attacks and other traps is a must.
In this talk we will look at the practical (dark) examples I have executed and why Python was the best language of choice. From social engineering (sophisticated phishing attacks), custom malware, dropping nasty USB drives on the street to technical/network attacks.
When you want to be really successful in doing social engineering you need to prepare the ultimate user experience. You can not make a mistake and you can not overlook little details (that usually happens if you develop your own apps/websites). Those little details make UX in your app/website awesome (if you are on the good side) but can be exploited pretty easily by the dark side.

Free slot !
Please submit CFP. We’re looking forward to your proposal!

After Party / Q & A !

Středa, 29. Květen 2019, Livesport s.r.o. Aspira Business Centre, ngParty - Regular meetup XXV

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