NgBeer Brno vol. 7, Šumavská 519/35, Pondělí, 17. Červen 2019

Dear Angular enthusiasts,we're back and happy to invite you to another ngBeer Brno! NgBeer is a regular gathering of Angular community focused on the latest topics and issues surrounding this made some organizational changes, so since this event, each of the speakers chooses the length of his talk according to his preferences. Therefore, you can look forward not only to the lightning talks but also to the longer ones. (Vojto's talk was never a lightning talk anyways)Speakers & topics:Vojtech Mašek (FlowUp) - Typed translationsMatěj Chalk (FlowUp) - Unit testing in Angular and ngRxTomáš Hoffer (Exponea) - 10 tips for building reliable E2E tests at scalePetr Glaser (FlowUp) - Functional principles in Angular ecosystemWanna speak up on our future ngBeer? Let us know on! Start: 19:00Place: FlowUp (Šumavská)Snacks & beer includedAfterparty: if anybody interestedLanguage: In case any English speaking people appear, the whole event will be held in English. Otherwise in Czech and Slovak. Come and enjoy an evening full of Angular, discussion and beer!Looking forward to seeing you all again! Mircosite: event: our meetup group and do not miss any of our future eventshttps://

Pondělí, 17. Červen 2019, Šumavská 519/35, NgBeer Brno vol. 7

T-Cup 2019 Brünn (Gaststart)

T-Cup 2019 Brünn (Gaststart)

Sobota 22. Červen 2019
Toto je test

Toto je test

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