Masters of Puppets 2018, Autocamp na Kopci, Pondělí, 25. Červen 2018

--- Masters Of Puppets 2018 --- Celebrating the 5th Anniversary -----7 DAYS OF CONTINOUS MUSIC AND ARTS CELEBRATIONS----LTD. TO 3000 PEOPLE - REVOLUTIONARY SOUNDSYSTEMS---3D MAPPINGS ON ALL STAGES - INTERNATIONAL PSY ARTS---SPECIAL SELECTION OF UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS----------3 STAGES PLUS AN EXPANDED CULTURAL AREA---------FREE CAMPING - FREE PARKING - FULL FACILITED CAMP--PSYCHEDELIC-FOREST-DARK-HITECH-ExperiMental-(TEK)--DUB-AMBIENT-CHILL-INSTRUMENTAL-DOWNTEMPO------EARLYBIRD-Tickets to be Launched at 10-10-2017-------------------------------------welcome to the Imaginarium------------------------------There is a Vision!4 editions ago Masters of Puppets started as a small birthdayparty close to the Austrian border in Hungary, and we are stunned and grateful what you helped us achieve in the last 4 years of investing most of our time and energy into this dream.Motivated by and in deep appreciation of your support we have immediately started to make plans for the future after we finished 2017s edition. Over the years our dream of a festival has developed and now has been put into a clear vision that is going far beyond the annual event.and with your help we will achieve it!THE VISION is to invest next years' profit into the purchase of land to establish a permanent space, where not only a specially designed, unique and stationary festivalinfrastructure will be developed and improved continuously, but that also provides space to other benefitary and/or educational aspects and conciousnesswork during all the year for the whole family.Our aim is to move there with the festival in 2020-2021.To provide apropriate infrastructure for workshops, seminars, ceremonies and other activities in alternative, sustainable and transpersonal fields. we plan to build a Soundstudio, Workshops, Ateliers, Playgrounds, a fruitorchard and veggieplantations, Seminarrooms and Accomodation. We also will set concrete charity- and political actions, donation- and engagementwise to effect society at least on the small scale.This, from now, is the vision that you support with every ticket, shirt, hoodie or other merch you buy and every drink you have at our bar.Thx for making (y)our dream reality!THE FESTIVALAs we are restlessly preparing an extraordinary and unforgettable start into the summer of 2018, we are really happy to present the fifth anniversary of Masters of Puppets Open Air, with a lot of new interactive and educational features, arts, a revolutionary, brandnew soundsystem, and a massive expansion on all 3 stages but especially the Kodamastage!More then 250 hours of Psychedelic music, culture, arts and education are heading towards you!This is the biggest and most facetted project we have ever approached, we are giving our best and are optimistic to exceed your expectations ;)Masters Of Puppets Team is happy to present:-----EARLYBIRD-Presale to be Launched at 10-10-2017----- -------------------------------------------RAGESTAGE---------------------------------------SPECIAL OPENING--To be announced-MASTERS OF PUPPETS-►PSYKOVSKY (Osom) Russia►KINDZADZA (Osom) Russia►CYBERHEN (Osom) Russia►FURIOUS (how2make) Russia►KASHYYYk (Kamino Records) Mexico►FUTURE RIPPLES (KDD&Kashyyyk) (Osom / Kamino) Russia/ Mexico ►HIGHKO (Blast Records) Germany►ORESTIS (Sonic Loom) Greece►ZIKORE (Sonic Loom) Greece►ZIK (Sonic Loom) Greece►ASPHALT-PIRATES (Freebooter Records) France►MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina►WILL O WISP (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina►GLOSOLALIA (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina► QUANTUM MECHANICA (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina►FRACTAL GAUCHOS (Dark Prisma Records)Argentina►FRANTIC NOISE (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina►GOTALIEN (Kamino Records) Italy►GOTAVAT (Kamino Records) Italy►MIMIC VAT (Kamino Records) Portugal►VIRTUANOISE (Freak Records) Italy►LOOSE CONNECTION (Free Radical Records) UK► BOMBAX (Kamino Records) Germany►AUDIOPATHIK Kamino Records (Mexico)►ZOMBIE SCREAM (Kamino Records) Mexico►NECROPSYCHO (Alice-D) Brazil►KASATKA (Alice-D) Germany►OPUS SUMMUM (Alice-D) Germany►CALYPTRATUS (Alice-D) Germany►SECTIO AUREA (Argot Digamma) Switzerland►ARCEK (Kamino Records) Mexico►SATOR AREPO (Deviant Force Records Germany►CRACKED NOZES (Parvati Records) Portugal/ Germany►RAWAR (Deviant Force Records) Portugal►LUULi (Anomalistic Records) USA►APOLLYON (Freak Records) UK►TYNDRA (Catar Records) Spain►NYAMA (Damaru Records) Germany►HYPERACTIVE 25 (Freak Records) Switzerland►ANTAGON (Damaru Records) Germany►Z (Damaru Records) Germany►ALPHA (Damaru Records) Germany►INVID MIND (Alkhimia Records) Argentina►PASTOR JOHN (Zulu Tunes) South Africa►VECTOR VOID (Zulu Tunes) South Africa►ATIM (Zulu Tunes) South Africa►ORGANOISE (Zulu Tunes) South Africa►PEAK PILOTS (Zulu Tunes) South Africa►NATURAL DISASTER (Zulu Tunes) South Africa►AESOP (Zulu Tunes) Australia ►FRIGHT RATE (Kamino Records) South Africa►ANUBIS Freak Records (South Africa)►UMBER VAMBER Active Meditation Music (Russia)►OROBORO (Anomalistic Records) GermanyŎȓǫḂǫȓŎ-1740586732826748/►MIRROR ME (Anomalistic Records) Poland►SHROOMIX (Logic Vision Records) Germany►MENTALECHO (Masters of Puppets) Portugal►OBSCURUM (STZ Records) Austria►CALABI YAU (Fantazy Records) Argentina►SICK NOISE (Masters of Puppets) Serbia►YATZEE (Masters of Puppets) Italy►PSYCORANGE (Nutriadance Records) Italy►CTCDROPE (Biomechanikal Records) Spain►MAIKO (Little Dark Family) Italy ►LUNAWATT (Masters of Puppets) Switzerland►NOCTURNES CREATURES (Damaru Records) Austria►SELECTIVE MOOD Zulu Tunes (Austria)►MURUKHAN (HippyFlip Records) Spain►INFRA (Anomalistic Records) Austria►TSU-JAN (Anomalistic Records) Austria►PLANKTON (Anomalistic Records) Switzlerand►PSYNONIMA (World People Productions) Spain ►RADICE (Biomechanikal Records) Italy►MANTICORE (Galactic Crew) Austria►GOAGNOM (STZ Records) Austria ►CRYPTICAL CONCEPT (Dopetec Records) Austria ►HYPERSCOPE (Free Radical Records) Germany►TSUNAMIX (Freak Records) Switzerland ► LYSERG (Lucid Dreams) Austria►ROUDY (Anesthetica Records) Germany►PHILOSO (Kamino Records) Austria ►NONO (Fantazy Records) Austria ►ALLYCAT (Brain Drill Records) UK►CORDOVOX (Bhooteshwara Records) Israel►LOGIC PSYCHO (Masters of Puppets) Austria►ARAS (Masters of Puppets) Austria ►MICRODOT B2B TIMEFLY (24/7 Records) Austria ►TACHYON VS CATHARSYS ( Germany►KRI (Lucid Dreams) Austria►DR HANK (Shamanism Records) Brazil►HARSH (Lunatic Alien Records) India ►SPASHEE (Lucid Dreams) Austria ►BRAINBOW (Masters of Puppets) Austria --------------------------------------KODAMASTAGE----------------------------------------TREE SPIRITS-►ABYSS OOZE (Dark Prisma) Argentina► ALCHEMY CIRCLE (Uroboros Rec. / Maia Brasil Rec.) BRAZIL►ALREADY MAGED (Moon Koradji Records) Ukraine► ARJUNA(Parvati Records) ITALY►AWWEN (GloOm Music) SPAIN►BUBBLEGUNS (Digital Shiva Power) INDIA

Pondělí, 25. Červen 2018, Autocamp na Kopci, Masters of Puppets 2018

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