KAUAN/Rus/Ukr+Politische Gespräche verboten/Cz

KAUAN(Rus/Ukr) Ukrainian-based KAUAN was formed in 2005 by Russian musician and composer Anton Belov. The band started out in the direction of folkish black-doom metal, but with the addition of new members, instruments and inspiration, the sound slowly and surely transcended towards a more ambient path of melancholic and melodic atmosphere. Through their 6 studio albums, we are taken on a journey of constantly evolving music. All of the albums add something new to their sound and blur musical borders, capturing as much emotion as they can from us, the listeners. Their name hails from the Finnish language, and so do all of their lyrics. The band has made a name for themselves in Russia and eastern Europe but have stayed under the radar of the rest of the world for too long. Now that the deep-sea sunken treasure of their musical gifts and talents has been discovered, its wealth will be spread across the borders of land and mind. We encourage all to pay attention, to be receptive, and to join the following of KAUAN. Members: Anton Belov – music, vocals (2005–present) Alex Vynogradoff – bass guitar, backing vocals (2013–present) Alina Belova – keyboards, backing vocals (2013–present) Anatoly Gavrylov – viola (2013–present) Anton Skrynnik – drums (2013–present) Discography: New album to be released (2017) Sorni Nai (2015) Pirut (2013) Kuu.. (2011) Aava Tuulen Maa (2009) Tietäjän Laulu (2008) Lumikuuro (2007) Politische Gespräche verboten (Cz)-Post-rocková kapela z Prahy VSTUP/ENTRY- 250 Kč Odebrat nebo aktualizovat událost Fievent.com | Kontakt | Privacy | Terms Další populární událostiZískat doporučení na události na základě vašeho vkusu z Facebooku. Získej ho ihned!Ukažte vhodné akce pro měNyní ne