iOS Lightning Talks, STRV, Čtvrtek, 10. Říjen 2019

The STRV iOS crew is back and we’d love to invite you to our autumn iOS meetup.
This time, the talks will be short, sweet and plentiful!
Instead of two big talks, we’ll have a number of lightning talks on various iOS-related topics.
The talks will be presented by speakers from STRV, Ackee and The FUNTASTY.
Come and hear the story of a successful transformation from QA to iOS how Ackee does open source.Get to know the Japanese iOS some fun with maps.See how 3D photos are made with the power of Swift.Get a sneak peek of the latest advances in haptics on iOS.See how DuckDuckGo can help developers SwiftUI in 5 minutes.…and more!
Let’s geek out with iOS, drink some beers, network and most of all have fun!
And by the way—we’d love to invite you to the stage! 
If you have a topic that you’d like to present, let us know.The rules are simple: The talk should be 5 minutes long and be in some way related to iOS development.
-  SwiftUI in 5 minutes (Jan Kaltoun, STRV)-  From QA to iOS (Nick Beresnev, STRV)-  Haptics (Ramzi Jiryes, STRV)-  iOS developers community in Tokyo (Yoshikuni Kato, STRV)-  Stereophoto (Jan Zimandl, STRV)-  Fun with maps (Jan Pacek, STRV)-  TBD (Jan Schwarz, STRV)-  DuckDuckGo for developers (Yang Lee, STRV)-  Ackee’s coming out (Jan Mísař, Ackee)-  TBD (Matěj Jirásek, The FUNTASTY)- Your talk?

Doors open at 6 PM and we’ll be kicking the meetup off promptly at 6:30 PM. Guests are welcome to hang around for further networking at Scrollbar after the presentations until 10 PM.

Čtvrtek, 10. Říjen 2019, STRV, iOS Lightning Talks

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