Homeless Guide: Ales - Communist police and 20 years in America, Prague Creative Center, Sobota, 23. Březen 2019

What's Pragulic?
Pragulic is a social enterprise that challenge the stereotypes associated with homelessness by enabling people to experience the world from a homeless perspective.

About the tour guide
Aleš emigrated to the US in the 80s and lived there for over 20 years. He has a unique view and knowledge of the Czech Republic and Prague history in the Communist era, especially the infamous StB (State Security). What was it like to grow up at this time? It will bring you stories and fates of people experiencing repression, you will visit the famous Bartholomew Street, which was the headquarters of StB and other sites. Aleš is a passionate photographer and a certified guide in Prague. One year ago, he underwent serious brain surgery.

All you need to know before the tour

Your guide: Your guide is a person who experienced homelessness. It means that he or she is currently rough sleeping or uses a help or shelter houses or different forms of unstable accomodation. Every guide is in different stage and we do as much as possible to improve their conditions.

Weather & what to take with you: We operate in every weather! Even if it´s raining or freezing. You can much easily imagine the life on the streets in this conditions. Take a good shoes with you, maybe snack and water. Rain jacket or umbrella, really warm clothes when its cold because 2 hours outside are omre difficult than you imagine.

Languages & translation: Tour guided by Ales is in English. It is a perfect solution for your English speaking group. You can also check Robert´s tour or request translation for other tours.

Safety: Taking Pragulic tour might be as dangereous as crossing the street. With 6+ years of experience we try to mitigate every risk. We do not take people to dangerous locations.

Tips: We ask you to tip your guide after the tour but only if you liked it. It´s not only motivation and reward for their work but also extra money.

Ethics: Behave respectfully. We are not here to expose homeless people but rather facilitate a unique experience. Please ask people before you take pictures or make video.

Vouchers: You can buy a tour as a gift here or redeem your vouchers while booking a tour. Simply enter your code in check out process.

Sobota, 23. Březen 2019, Prague Creative Center, Homeless Guide: Ales - Communist police and 20 years in America

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