Hana Greenfield Memorial Swim, Kmoch Island, Neděle, 26. Srpen 2018

The Hana Greenfield Memorial Swim is to commemorate when the people of Kolin used to swim together in the river Labe. Up until the 1930's this was a regular pastime for many people from the town. However, due to industrialisation and accompanying polution, the river became unsafe to swim in during the 1930's. Following a signficant clean up campaign over the past 20 years the river is once again clean enough for swans to swan along on, fishermen to catch fish from, and people to swim in.
The event is named after one of only a handful of Holocaust survivors from the town. Hana learnt to swim in the river as a child, and would have swum alongside both her Jewish and non-Jewish friends and neighbours. In 1942 she was deported by the Nazis to Terezin, along with all the other Jews from the town of Kolin and surrounding areas, and then on to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. 
As far as we know, the Hana Greenfeild Memorial Swim will be the first time that anyone from the town of Kolin will have swum in the river for over 80 years, and the first time that Jewish and non Jewish people will have taken part together in an activity that used to be commonplace in the town's history.
Anyone, Jewish or not, Czech or not, is welcome to come and join the swim to create a real cross-community spirit for a memorable event!
We are hoping that we can provide the event free of charge, but will be asking for donations to charity - details will be provided at the event.

Neděle, 26. Srpen 2018, Kmoch Island, Hana Greenfield Memorial Swim

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