Global Summit on Microbiology and Virology, Prague, Pondělí, 25. Březen 2019

Global Summit on Microbiology and Virology, organized by the Cenetri Publishing Group will take place from March 25th-27th 2019 at Prague, Czech Republic on the theme as “Gaining the hive of scientific and technological knowledge in Microbe world”. The conference will cover areas like bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungi and other topics relevant to the study of microbiology. The GSMV-2019 aims to have innovative sessions, cooperate in engaging exchanges latest trends and expand professional networks with the expert in the field of Microbiology and Virology research and business.
Who Should Attend
Academic Professors | Microbiologist | Virologists | Biologists | Pathologists | Mycologist | Epidemiologists | Chemists | Molecular Biologists | Pharmacologists | Laboratory technicians | Drug manufacturing companies
Focus Highlights
Medical microbiology, Clinical Microbiology /Microbial Physiology, Virus and Diseases, Industrial Microbiology/Biotechnology, Food and beverages Microbiology, Soil and Environmental Microbiology, STD, STI and HIV/ AIDS, Microbiology and Agriculture, Viral vaccines and vaccination, Applied Microbiology, Hepatitis and Herpes Virus, Mycology and Phycology, Veterinary Microbiology, Bacteriology, Aquatic/Marine Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Oral Microbiology, Petroleum Microbiology, Forensic Microbiology
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Pondělí, 25. Březen 2019, Prague, Global Summit on Microbiology and Virology

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