Femme Palette: How to build a community?, Prague Creative Center, Čtvrtek, 26. Září 2019

At Femme Palette we believe women should empower and motivate each other by sharing their career paths, goals, and inspiration. Like an artist who uses a palette to mix different colors to create a painting, we provide a platform where women from diverse backgrounds can connect and create something beautiful together as well.—We’ll have an interview and Q&A session with Lucie Neumanova (Co-founder & CEO) and Denisa Žideková (Marketing Group Leader). We’ll be exploring how the comunity started, how does it operate, and what are the lessons learned from the forward to seeing you details of Femme Palette:

Čtvrtek, 26. Září 2019, Prague Creative Center, Femme Palette: How to build a community?

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