(eng)aging! Conference: Aging and New Technologies, Česká spořitelna, Středa, 27. Březen 2019

(eng)aging! ConferenceNew Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?Join this unique interdisciplinary event which brings together renowned scholars, professionals and stakeholders on the field of aging and companies offering  innovations and products for older people!
Mar 27: Opening panel and networking accessible only to ticket holdersMar 28: Conference program accessible only to ticket holders
SpeakersAnu Siren, PhD, is a psychologist and a senior researcher at the Danish Center for Social Science Research (Denmark/Finland).Kai Leichsering, Executive Director at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Austria).Miloš Táborský, Professor of Medicine, Palackého University, Founder of the National Telemedicine Center, Olomouc (Czech Republic).Speakers' bios are available on our website .
The international conference “New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?” is the third from a series organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project.   The project reflects the crucial importance of a society-wide debate regarding the topic of demographic change and aging population, and aims to highlight these issues, stimulate a constructive discussion, and help to create conditions that will make use of demographic change for the benefit of societies. It consists of a series of panel discussions, public seminars, roundtables and annual international conference focusing on topics related to the demographic change and the population aging.  The (eng)aging! project is organized by KEYNOTE, a well-established consultancy in cooperation with Active Aging Center, a non-governmental organization. KEYNOTE specializes in organizing conferences and events that lead to cutting-edge international encounters, bring new ideas to life, and facilitate a unique networking experience. In its projects KEYNOTE focuses principally on politics, international relations, security, civil society, new social trends, and business. Active Aging Center’s long term goal is to promote a societal debate on population aging and its impacts. Active Aging Center aims to improve quality of life of the elderly, their social status and intergenerational relations, to contribute to a change of the negative stereotypes about seniors present in public discourses and to raise employment rates of the generation 55+.

Středa, 27. Březen 2019, Česká spořitelna, (eng)aging! Conference: Aging and New Technologies

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