Course of Metal Jewellery - January 2019, Kahil studio, Středa, 23. Leden 2019

If you ever wondered how metal jewellery pieces were made - then here’s an opportunity for you!
This jewellery-making course for beginners was designed to allow the participants to try out the basic goldsmith techniques in a professional studio. Such include cutting the metal with a fret-saw, filing, soldering and polishing – all that you will need to make a brass ring with a cut-out pattern.
Another intriguing technique is enamelling, where you can choose between earrings or a pendant, all prepared and enamelled by yourself.
The course also includes two ancient techniques, which belong rather under a category of beading, but they are not that well known – wiring technique to start with and an articulated copper bracelet to end the class with.
 The course is for six people maximum, so that the teacher would be able to dedicate the time between the students effectively.
The studio is equipped with a special goldsmith table for six people, drilling machine, the propane-butane gas bottle and all the other equipment needed for soldering, enamelling kiln, tools for cutting, filing, etc.
You don’t need to bring anything and all material is included.
The course will be held on Tuesdays from 5pm - 7pm. It takes 16 hours, and as there's only 6 Tuesdays till Christmas, we will either agree on the spot on a weekend afternoon class, or we will have one or two more lesson in January, after Christmas.

Středa, 23. Leden 2019, Kahil studio, Course of Metal Jewellery - January 2019

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