Community Meet-up: Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019, advertia digital s.r.o., Pondělí, 20. Květen 2019

The world is moving fast, summer is coming and soon half of the year will be behind us. You know how i works, after summer, the year will be over soon and all the plans you made will be behind you, either achieving your goals or failing at them.
Most likely you need the leverage of digital channels in order you achieve your business goals... at at least some extent. This is why we have chosen “Top Digital Trends for 2019” as the topic of this community meet-up taking place May 20th at our advertia headquarters. 
We will go briefly through the top digital trends developing in marketing this year such as VR/AR,  Artificial Intelligence, Social Media platforms and Search Engines.
This is the perfect opportunity to figure out how you can leverage these trends in your favor, share your doubts and best practices with the community and plan yourself out for the rest of the year.
Conversation Starters

From digital to multi-channel to omni-channel.
The role of AI in Marketing
VR/AR usability
What's new on social media?
What's new on Google?

Date: 20.05.2019Time: 6PMWhere: Tusarova 55
Feel free to read something about us right on  just write to ;) 

Pondělí, 20. Květen 2019, advertia digital s.r.o., Community Meet-up: Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

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