CAL Certified Agile Leadership I with Zuzi Sochova, September 19-20, 2019, Prague,Czech Republic, Prague, Čtvrtek, 19. Září 2019

NOTE: Please note that this training will be in the English language.
Certified Agile Leadership class brings awareness of Agile leadership thinking, focus, and behaviors and is a great way to start your journey of Agile Leader. Participants will develop Agile leadership competency and maturity, which increases the effectiveness of a leader in a complex and rapidly changing environment. The class provides a balanced education, practice, and peer collaboration.
Certified Agile Leadership class is a great start for the managers and leaders of Agile organization to stay competitive in Agile environment. 

An Agile leader …
- Operates effectively amid uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change- Is knowledgeable about Agile values, approaches, and practices- Surfaces more creative solutions through increased self-awareness, a growth mindset, and engaging others- Aligns and empowers teams toward delivering more customer value- Personally, integrates feedback and experiments, and adopts their ways- Takes a collaborative continuous-improvement approach to organizational effectiveness- Catalyzes change in others and facilitates organizational change
At the end of the class participants will…
- Understand how to create modern Agile Organization- Get familiar with Agile Leadership concept- Gain experience with creation of Agile culture- Create steps to become great Agile Leader
The Certified Agile Leadership program is intended for…
- Executives, middle management, and other leaders with organizational influence- Leaders who support, lead or interact with Agile teams- Any leader sponsoring, requesting, or involved with an Agile adoption within their organization
What you will receive
After the course, you will get Certified Agile Leadership I certification.
"The teacher was awesome! Concepts were explained in detail with lots of examples."
"The content was valuable, and Zuzi's instruction style was very engaging and interactive, so I gained a lot more working knowledge of Agile leadership and how to apply what I've learned in my organization." "Trainer Zuzi was very good and the course helped me build on my existing knowledge base, with the added bonus of actually having a chance to become certified. I wish more people from my organization could/would take a course like this."
"Helped me to quickly grasp the concepts of Agile leadership and the role of the leader in the Agile organization."
"Very happy with the experience in the class."
"Very informative, hands-on class."
"Easy to understand practical exercises."
About the instructor
Training is facilitated by Zuzana 'Zuzi' Sochova, Certified Scrum Trainer, author of The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay book and the inventor of the #ScrumMasterWay concept.

Čtvrtek, 19. Září 2019, Prague, CAL Certified Agile Leadership I with Zuzi Sochova, September 19-20, 2019, Prague,Czech Republic

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