09. Únor 2018 - 19:00

Bones in Prague, Česká republika, Pátek, 09. Únor 2018

#BookingMachine proudly presents:
Bones (USA) aka Th@ Kid

For the first time in the whole history of cloud-rap, the dark prince of lo-fi will leave his hometown graveyard to meet the European fans. The digital ghost will be in full shell to salute to his followers and proclaim the new era in which we all are of no Failure.

Come to see DeadBoy alive!

Tickets are available here:
–– bonesontour.com/prague/
–– goout.net/cs/listky/bones/ltrb/

#bones #cloudrap #teamsesh

⚠️ We do not advise you to buy second-hand tickets!

Buying tickets from another person will not guarantee your entrance to the concert. Please use the official ticket platforms — links are above. Do not support the scammers.

We will ban for any messages about buying/selling tickets.

Pátek, 09. Únor 2018, Česká republika, Bones in Prague

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