6th International Conference on Phthiraptera, Hotel International Best Western, Neděle, 24. Červen 2018

The 6th International Conference on Phthiraptera will showcase the latest research on parasitic lice and louse-borne pathogens and endosymbionts. All aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice will be addressed. Most speakers and posters will be invited from submitted abstracts. Abstracts of accepted presentations will be printed in the proceedings.  We invite contributions in any area of research on lice, including the following topics:

Epidemiology of human lice
Systematic population genetics and evolution
Ecology and epidemiology of non-human lice
Medical and veterinary aspects of louse infestations
Techniques for studying lice
Phthirapterists and phthirapterology
Prophylaxis and control of lice
Microorganisms associated with lice

Neděle, 24. Červen 2018, Hotel International Best Western, 6th International Conference on Phthiraptera

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