3rd Innovations on Banking Conference, Prague, Čtvrtek, 20. Září 2018

A major focus at 3rd Innovation on Banking Conference takes Artificial intelligence followed by digital innovations, robotics in banking segment, customer authentification, chatbots and customer experience; Practical experience by the major Finance Institutions is creating the total picture of overall Conference image. Certainly, an important puzzle of the Industry is the Fintech and Start-up companies, reaching out to the new opportunity for growth.
With prominent Industry players and presence of high-level professional expertise, the 3rd Innovation on Banking Conference is hiking up to a spot where the most influential Financial Institutions are present. Innovation is necessary and Important part of Banks, also attached to each financial transaction even when the customer doesn’t know they consume it! That kind of changes is becoming an opportunity and not a threat. The brave take a step ahead and shapes-up the leader from the follower.

Čtvrtek, 20. Září 2018, Prague, 3rd Innovations on Banking Conference

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